Pangea Audio – P-100 – High Performance Power Supply


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Product Description

We’ve sold thousands of Cambridge Audio DacMagic and Musical Fidelity V-DAC USB DACs over the years. Our customers love their outstanding performance for the money. Being audiophiles, the folks at Pangea Audio wondered how they could make these DACs sound even better. Using better cables makes a big difference, but they wanted to dig even deeper. The answer to better performance from the components is the Pangea Audio P-100, a new highly regulated power supply created by legendary audio designer Peter Madnick exclusively for Pangea Audio. Compared to the power supplies that come with the DacMagic and V-DAC, the P-100 boasts better filtering, better regulation, and a much lower output impedance. You might say that the P-100 is just plain better in every way. And the circuitry is housed inside a noise- and vibration-resistant compact steel chassis. All of this dramatically cleans up the power flowing to the DAC, resulting in a noticeable upgrade in sound quality. The P-100 couldn’t be easier to use. Just substitute it for the AC adapter that comes with the DacMagic or V-DAC. In fact, you can use the P-100 with any Musical Fidelity V-Series components for a nice performance enhancement, and that includes the new V-Series II products. And if this isn’t enough excitement for you already, the P-100 will also power the Cambridge Audio Azur 540P and 640P phono stages. The P-100 includes all the cables you need for connecting to the DacMagic (plus 540P and 640P), V-Series components. Each cable is clearly labeled. Get listening, and have a blast.
Highly-regulated and filtered low-noise AC power supply
Compatible with Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Cambridge Audio 540P and 640P phono stages and Musical Fidelity V-Series components (including V-Series II)
Will power the older Musical Fidelity X-Series components via the supplied Cambridge Audio DacMagic cable
Noise and vibration-resistant compact steel chassis
All needed cables are included