Benchmark – USB – DAC-1 BLACK


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Product Description

Benchmark’s DAC1 USB is a reference-quality, 2-channel 192-kHz 24-bit digital-to-analog audio converter featuring Benchmark’s Advanced USB Audio technology, UltraLock clock system, and HPA2 headphone amplifier. The pristine audio path of the award-winning DAC1 has made it the Benchmark of stand-alone D/A converters. It was a Stereophile Product of the Year for 2004. “You can’t find much more in the way of a high-end audio bargain than the Benchmark DAC1,” raved the magazine. The DAC1 USB looks sounds and measures the same as the DAC1 with added benefits of convenience, flexibility, and performance. In the January 2008 issue of Stereophile, John Atkinson reports, “Used via USB from my Mac mini and from its conventional data inputs, the DAC1 USB is a superb-sounding device.” And what about the built-in headphone amplifier? “The fact that it has an excellent-sounding headphone output with two choices of maximum gain makes it a bargain,” Atkinson continues. “Very highly recommended.” The DAC1 USB includes a unique USB input with bit-transparent native 96 / 24 capability, a programmable mute function, programmable headphone gain range, automatic standby / resume, and a high-current output stage designed to drive long cables or low-impedance loads, such as high-end power-amps. A true plug-and-play solution, the DAC1 USB begins playback immediately after the unit is connected to a USB port for the first time. A digital audio path can be tested to determine if the digital data is being modified or distorted in any way. This is done by sending a random sequence of bits through the path, and comparing the resulting sequence with the original sequence. If the resulting sequence is identical to the original, the path is ‘bit-transparent’. Benchmark’s USB technology is the first native USB solution capable of streaming 96 kHz, 24-bit audio with full ‘bit-transparency’.
USB, XLR balanced, BNC coaxial, and TOSLINK optical digital inputs
Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Mac OS X without driver installation
Advanced USB Audio technology supports sample rates up to 96 kHz
Automatic “Standby Mode” – activated after 15 seconds of loss of digital input signal
Front-panel volume control for headphone outputs