15V Linear Power Supply with 24bit-96kHz USB to S/PDIF converter

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Product Description

NuForce proudly introduces a series of linear power supplies that more than meet the needs of the most discriminating audio enthusiasts. Whether for desktop applications or main-system use, the LPS Series delivers crystal-clear low-noise power for devices requiring 15 volts DC at 4 amps or less.

Designed for use with NuForce products such as the Icon HDP Desktop DAC/Preamp and CDP-8 Compact Disk Player, an LPS is likely to improve the performance of any audio device requiring up to 4 amps of DC current, particularly with respect to detail and transparency.

The LPS line-up starts with the LPS-1, which features a single 15V/4A output for users requiring power for only one device. The LPS-1’s highly regulated delivery system operates by way of a large, proprietary transformer, high-energy storage capacitors and high-speed regulator circuit.

The LPS-2U-96K features a high-quality USB to S/PDIF converter circuit operating at a data-transfer rate of up to 96kHz. Note that the S/PDIF signal is transformer-coupled in order to eliminate the possibility of ground-loop-based noise, which is notoriously difficult or even impossible to deal with by other methods. An LPS-2U-96K spares the user from hours of wasted time in tracking down elusive gremlins. Equally as important, an LPS-2U-96K improves a sound system’s performance characteristics. LPS-2U-* power supplies provide an additional 15V/1A output.

Finally, for computer-based music systems, NuForce offers the LPS-2U-192K. Sharing the same features as those of the LPS-2U-96K, this unit ups the ante with a USB data-transfer rate of up to 192kHz. Fans of high-resolution recordings will appreciate the LPS-2U-192K’s significantly lower noise floor as the rock-solid foundation of quality sound systems.


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